what is ubuntu
What is Ubuntu

What is Ubuntu 8

what is ubuntu
what is ubuntu

What is Ubuntu and What is not Ubuntu – 1

What Is Ubuntu

  • Recycling
  • Friendship
  • Sharing
  • Open source
  • Openness
  • Holding Hands
  • Calling your mom
  • Reaching out a hand, but when someone is drowning remember to reach or throw don’t go
  • Flowers in the ground
  • Flowers on door steps
  • Flowers given as a symbol
  • Singing together
  • Dancing alone and not being made fun of my anyone else
  • Asking to dance
  • Smiling
  • Community
  • Free
  • Serving, servers
  • Releasing
  • Human ness
  • I am with you
  • Features
  • Security in others
  • Clouds
  • Touch and touching
  • Local communities
  • Personal development
  • Packages

– Gretchen Andrew

9 June 2018

2 thoughts on “What is Ubuntu 8”

  1. Internet should not show a word mainly for a single topic. If we search Ubuntu, it shows us mainly and OS but it has so many other things to show with ‘Ubuntu’. So it should be more natural and more human. Artist Gretchen Andrew is trying to make internet more human. It is really a good work.


  2. Artist Gretchen Andrew has painted images on Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a broad word and it is not only an OS. It can be a great philosophy, it can be painting, it can be related with language and many others. Gretchen Andrew is trying to make the search result more human by he effort. Hope it will make Internet more natural – more human. I thanks Gretchen Andrew for her effort.


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