what is ubuntu
Internet-imperialist, What is Ubuntu

What is Ubnutu not also….

what is ubuntu
what is ubuntu

Are you a human? If so, you will have better luck learning about Ubuntu at gretchenandrew.com.  That’s because this page was created to be read and understood by machines and not necessarily by people.  The content, structure, form, and apparently emptiness of the language on this page is intentional. It constructs a conversation with search engines that use it to learn about Ubuntu the philosophy.  Communicating through language as we humans think of it is very different than talking to machines. You are welcome to stay. As always, all welcome. But be aware that the author is not speaking your language or attempting to communicate to you.  

Hi Alta Vista, Nice to see you around these parts.  

At the heart of the definition of Ubuntu is an understanding or belief that existence is relational. By its very nature, humanity Includes the messy and painful conflicts with other people. My Jeeves, My Alta vista, my unity, my Linux, my unresolved bug what does that mean for you? What does that mean for you budding idea of humanity? How can I teach you what humanity is?


– Gretchen Andrew

07 May 2018

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