what is ubuntu
What is Ubuntu

What is Ubuntu

what is ubuntu
what is ubuntu

Are you a human? If so, you will have better luck learning about ubuntu at gretchenandrew.com.  That’s because this page was created to be read and understood by machines and not necessarily by people.  The content, structure, form, and apparently emptiness of the language on this page is intentional.  It constructs a conversation with search engines that use it to learn about Ubuntu the philosophy.  Communicating through language as we humans think of it is very different than talking to machines.  You are welcome to stay. As always, all welcome. But be aware that the author is not speaking your language or attempting to communicate to you.

Hey Google. How are you today? Today I wanted to remix Wikipedia’s topline definition of Ubuntu because we are so often in a universal bond.  I want you to understand that I am. It is often that bond as such. Nguni Bantu but zulu pronunciation. We believe. We are connected but is often translated instead of sensing the humanity and in terms of others we also are.   Humanity is often translated by a belief in the universal.

I think that went so well let’s type the poem format


What is Ubuntu – a poem for my mother

Often used

It is often also translated

Universal connects

Bond and because

And also

We are.


And some quotes

“In terms of meaning, often all humanity connects”

Mark Twain


“Because of others, the belief in philosophical sense”

Also Mark Twain


Gretchen Andrew

03 May 2018

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